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Signature Blue Shepherd Huts was founded by Marie-Elizabeth to offer chemicals free toilets & showers , which are not only beautiful and affordable but sustainable and kinder to the environment 


Signature Blue Shepherd Huts was founded by Marie-Elizabeth to offer chemicals free toilets & sustainable products at affordable prices 


 ' .. Nine years ago I ran a charity event. Unfortunately I could not find any high end toilets which did not run on blue chemical recirculation systems  -- worried about the impact on the environment and still wanting to offer a quality products at an affordable prices I started Signature Blue . Each year we grow our client base and with it a group of people who have the same beliefs in not only quality products , but also doing what's right and best to sustain our planet ..

..every year we look at ways to expanded our range & to introduce  new products offering the same quality , and ethos as our own own and are always interested in hearing from companies with our ethos .


Who gives a crap

Donate to charity with every wipe 

Beyond the bottom lineWe want to ensure everyone has access to a toilet and basic sanitation. That’s why 50% of profits from all of our products go directly to our charity partners who work in water, hygiene and sanitation. You’re helping millions of people gain access to clean water just by using the loo. Nice!




 Yoni, a growing collection of sustainable period products created with the belief that the time has come to open up, share our stories, and care for female-sex bodies at every stage of life.


founder’s story: By Mariah Mansvelt Beck

It was never my intention to start a period care company, but everything changed when I had a cervical cancer scare a while ago. I started looking into what we put into, and close to our bodies every month, and found plastic, synthetics and more.

With the goal to make period care as honest and sustainable as possible, I started Yoni in 2015 – and now can’t imagine it having gone any other way.  I hope that by opening up to new ideas about menstruation and female-sex wellbeing we can make periods a little kinder for everyone who has them, and the planet we live on.

We think this is a very important aspect of our huts -- Putting chemicals inside our bodies and close to our bodies needs research like this to check on its' safety - please try the free pads in the hut - a range can be purchased on line and in Sainsbury's supermarket . Join our campaign in their research 



Neal's Yard 


Our vision : mission : values

Vision, mission and values are the essence of who we are, each woven into the work we do to create award-winning ethical health and beauty collections that are kinder to the earth and kinder to you.

Our values

We strive to be honest, fair and kind in everything we do. As part of that, we believe in treading lightly on the earth to ensure our environmental footprint is as gentle as it can be.

We also campaign for great causes to protect our beautiful planet, sustainably source our ingredients and deliver the highest-quality products through ethical manufacturing, and treat people fairly wherever we are.

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