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Clic Sargent ball 

Hello ... this is Marie-Elizabeth , & this is how Signature blue all came about .

A dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer - and along with two other ladies in my Choir, already struggling through breast cancer , doing something to try and give back felt like the thing to do ,,,

There I am - top middle , at the back ! I don't like being out there in the mix .. but these girls are the best ever!! ...they made me feel part of something and wanted nothing back in return , which is so rare in life..  and I made some great friends- my mums there too!! 

But those girls - they came and sang at a friend birthday - and at a time in my life which was very  difficult  -- but they were there for me xxx - -Susan ... my wonderful friend ... she  also suffered  with breast cancer . She's there too - like me , hiding at the back !! 

i'm not pointing her out - but she is a beautiful lady & great fun  


And that's my mum !! on the left ... at least it's not the one of her in a bikini I posted on Facebook !! god did I get in trouble !!

but back to the ball !! 

These girls breathed air back into my life ... they gave me courage where there was none - they gave me hope when I thought none was to be had - they gave me their time - they gave me laughter - nights at Chris's house where we gathered to sing ... most of all they gave me something I never thought i'd find ... honesty and truth and friendship , but asking nothing in return ...

if mum is reading this !! yes I am having a glass of wine whilst I type !!

it releases those endorphins you always tell me to have ;-)

..back to this ball again ... sorry!! ...

A great group of girls !! lots of stress and no idea what we were doing ... but by goodness did we go for it !!

first we met with Torre Abbey and some great people - it was there we held our first free event for people in the community. We sang ! we gave away free drinks and canapés and it was fabulous :-)

The attached shot is from  the ball - and the first set of Shepherd hut loos !!

the guys drove miles to be at he event , all the way from Norfolk .. Craig was amazing and accommodating !! it was like magic filled everything in those months.. 


Then the realism came !! running a ball ! and although the local council and and many were behind us - -selling tickets !! now this was dangerously difficult 

But we were up for the challenge  !! we wanted an explosion  -a celebration to all those people in the room who had cancer -- who'd suffered - who'd helped those through it - and mainly to fill a room full of joy with our friends there surrounding each other in a magical moment...



Well ... the magic happened !! Not only did the tickets sell !! there  were over300 hundred of us at the event !! 

It was euphoric... we brought in furniture from London and toilets from Norfolk ( the English shepherd hut company ) The girls !! they sang and it was beaiutfuitl .. a lady played the piano and as people put their memories on the wall of remembrance,  Mockingjay sang - ( with the ever beautiful Talitha xxxx ;-)

Then the room silenced - a bag piper marched in the door leading in Shaun from piglet cottage -- the guest shot up and clapped and the barn was filled with magic and love xxxx


That night changed my life forever !! one moment ... and some very beautiful special people ..

that's why I do this - I feel full of wonder & I feel blessed that I get to go to events and wedding and feel part of that magic over and over again. 

To every bride and groom who contact me - to every event we are booked for  - to every party 

Thank you x


A little note from all our staff :

To all our work colleagues old and new - to all our clients a great big thank you ..  

we have travelled to festivals ... private houses ... been there at the start of peoples new ventures into weddings venues ... We have laughed ... we have danced ... we have asked ourselves " how the hell are we going to get through this season !! " 

those are the moments we jump out the car and pull a "Tommy Steal - What a picture " ( if you're too young watch the video link here ) nothing like a bit of musical theatre too get you smiling ?! 

We have watched people laugh ... smile ... and cry ...

We have delivered toilets to the most beautiful kind people ... we have supplied for royalty , famous people and many who we can't mention ... we have visited every service station on every motorway & every dual carriage way - Been in every costa and Starbucks and lived off caffeine , McDonald's and haribo sweets  ... we have met kind RAC men who have fixed flat tyres for us ... shovelled gravel and listened patiently to clients who have spent hours of their time arranging a special day that they want to make right for their friends and family .

We have made many friends along the way - worked with other toilet providers and met the best of people, in the same line of work ...

It's been magical, and we are excited for our next season and meeting a bunch of new people and visiting old friends x

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