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For an unforgettable outdoor event, why not combine two of the world's greatest elements (Shepherds Huts & alcohol) and have your very own exclusive Shepherds Hut bar serving beers, wines and spirits to your guests. This versatile and attractive serving hut can also be adapted for use as a catering hut or a coffee bar, and can be set up to your specification. It'll be a hit with your guests, and for serving staff it's a pleasure to work from. It's a perfect solution for pop up events at venues without a bar, or for venues that host outdoor events and require a satellite bar to save their guests from having to walk too far for a refill!



corrugated tin cladding , painted timber, a painted or wallpapered interior, solid oak a fixed  traditional turning axle,  single doors, 

The style and fit-out of a vending-type Shepherds Hut ... To serve customers, a large, welcoming service hatch  split-level design which allows the servers to comfortably pass food and beverages to customers without having to repeatedly stoop down. 

The large aluminium hatch, lifted by gas-struts, creates a perfect solid awning 



The flexibility of the bar makes it a perfect solution for dry hire, where it can be used as an additional bar at a venue, or even adapted to use in a range of events, from a gin & prosecco bar in the summer, a coffee hut in the autumn, or to serve mulled wine and mince pies over the winter.

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Barney is our luxury bar / catering  unit  

A Level Site – For health & safety and operational reasons  a flat site is required 

Parking Access – we require a clear access route and the space to park  the hut with room for 

​Electricity Supply (16 AMP) –  with a current draw of 10 amps will run the hot water / funky lights / and internal plugs 


fridge / freezer and funky lighting 
sink - -hot water 
pop up serving hatch 
Fold out light up boards 
Fold out light up boards 


1 :How much does it cost to hire a shepherd hut ?

price 500 , no VAT- plus delivery - this is unique- distance to delivery and other factors ​. But we will work with clients to provide the best advice and pricing for their event - contact us for a free quote

3 : Is my venue suitable for a Shepherd hut :

depending on location although huts are full water based water can be supplied with bowser - we have pumps we supply at no extra charge to help pump the water to the tanks .  Units require good access due to size - 10ft wide entrance - flat land for safety and a fantastic crowd of people to use them ! 

2 : when will the hut be delivered and collected 

we work closely with clients to work on the best time for delivery to their venue - again this is unique and will be determined by distance and other factors 

4 : Delivery 

we charge between £ 1.50 - £ 2.00 per mile, 4 ways depending on your location , the number of staff / drivers  required  and if the delivery involves staff staying over on location -  

depending on number of units and distance we maybe able to offer a lowering pricing - contact us for a free quote 

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