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All You Need To Know

Need assistance? Check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. We understand that finding the perfect rental product can be a difficult process. That’s why one of our team members will always be there to assist you. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to help.





Are water based eco toilets more expensive than chemical toilets ?

Surprisingly the answer is no!!! - the only difference is all our toilets and showers require a constant supply of water - if your wedding or event is in a field this is possible with the use of water bowsers and pumps ( pumps we provide free of charge ) - the other is that every flush is a full water flush which results in less smells but it means that our internal waste tanks may require emptying - this depends on number of guests and duration of hire - we will work with you to offer the best pricing ... get in touch for a free quote and see how we compare to other companies 

if we aren't available , or water isn't an option we will recommend to you a list of other local suppliers who may be able to help because we believe in you the customer and will strive to help you in anyway we can 

How much is delivery ?

we charge between £ 1.50 - £ 2.00 per mile, 4 ways depending on your location , the number of staff / drivers  required , if the delivery involves staff staying over on location 

depending on number of units and distance we maybe able to offer a lowering pricing - contact us for a free quote 



What is included in the hire 

All our toilets and showers come fully kitted out with eco soaps - toilet rolls - sanitary product baskets - John Lewis one use hand towels - hand sanitiser - tissues and liquid chalks for your guest to leave messages on the outside boards - we ask that nothing extra is pout into the units as we will provide everything you need 

if you add in our valet service we will come and replace all goods and do a clear through of the unit - why not contact us for a free quote 

Which payment methods do you take ?

At the moment to keep costs as they are we take bank transfer but we are looking into PayPal so customers can use all forms of payment - note that full payment of hire is due prior to delivery of our units 



How long is the hire period?

The hire period is usually 2-3 days, we deliver the day before your event and pick up the day after, to give you plenty of time to set up and take down. If you're collecting we can arrange a few days before if the items are available so you have plenty of time to prep. We can arrange different hire periods if you require, please contact us about costs

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