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This portable bathroom hut features a pair of private rooms, each kitted out with a shower, a sink and a fresh flushing toilet. That's what makes it so sought after for weddings- No longer will guests need to queue outside of smelly chemical loos!

 It has a sophisticated plumbing system of our own design that includes a built in 1500L waste tank, pump, and macerating units, allowing it to be set up with just a water and electric supply and deal with up to 150 guests in an evening.



The Aquarius is our most popular unit. Each room is perfect and discreet - great for campers or a wedding  

The 2 complete bathrooms come with:

– 1 saniflo toilet 

– 1 Washbasin with Hot Water

​- 1 gas powered shower 

eco products - please refer to our sustainability page and also about Yoni no chemical sanitary products and links to health in woman ( our new campaign for 2023 )


The Aquarius has the capacity to host 150 guests

 for 8 – 10 hours for uptown 150 guests with a 1500lt tank or 30 to 40 campers over a weekend   - because they are full water flush for longer events or long term hire they can be plumbed direct too drains or a septic tank point - this is done on delivery by one of our plumbers  ( we offer a discount if this is done ) - please refer to us on gas usage for larger events 

toilets 1.jpg


The Aquarius is our most popular  luxury unit  

A Level Site – For health & safety and operational reasons  a flat site is required 

Parking Access – we require a clear access route and the space to park  the hut with room for (  7 m / 4m  )

​Electricity Supply (16 AMP) –  with a current draw of 10 amps.

Water Supply – Hose lock connection 

Drain/Soakaway - dr​ain or soakaway, ditch for the showers.

 5.3 metres 
2.2 metres
soak away


1 :How much does it cost to hire a shepherd hut ?

free tank service within a 40 mile radius ( discount avaible if the unit goes direct to drains or septic tank  - this is unique and will depend on number of guest - distance to delivery and other factors ​- one gas cylinder included in hire 

4 : water pressure :

this is not an issue as our units have big header tanks so water will not run low and hot water will always be on demand and never run out as long as there's water to the unit it will heat and supply 

2 : when will the hut be delivered and collected 

we work closely with clients to work on the best time for delivery to their venue - again this is unique and will eb determined by distance and other factors 

5: Toilet waste 

this goes to a 1500lt internal tank internal tank .For longer use than suggested it can go to drains or septic tank or we can come and pump out the unit 

3 : Is my venue suitable for a Shepherd hut :

depending on location although huts are full water based water can be supplied with bowser - we have pumps we supply at no extra charge to help pump the water to the tanks .  Units require good access due to size - 10ft wide entrance - flat land for safety and a fantastic crowd of people to use them ! 

6 : Delivery 

we charge between £ 1.50 - £ 2.00 per mile, 4 ways depending on your location , the number of staff / drivers  required  and if the delivery involves staff staying over on location -  

depending on number of units and distance we maybe able to offer a lowering pricing - contact us for a free quote 

That little extra touch

All out units are delivered fully stocked with eco loo rolls - hand soaps and chemical free sanitary products . If you want something a little extra please refer to our add ons below 


all toilets and showers arrive fully stocked and ready to go ! But if you want a clean toilet throughout your event - stafff on site to replace hand towels - pump off full tanks and keep your toilets clean and looking as good as they did when they arrived why not include our valet service 

take advantage of our great value pump-out service.

Although fully capable of holding waste ( numbers depending on quote ) for larger numbers or longer use if the unit can not go direct to drains or septic tank add in our pump off spruce at £ 100 plus fuel delivery   


If you want something you don't see here - a design bespoke on your chalk board ! or colours of towels ,matched in new for your event then our staff will work with you on your special day to provide you with the best products at the most competitive pricing 

toilet attendant staff and pump off service

£ 200 no VAT

Pump off service - no valet  £ 100

      Some thing special 


         Monday - Friday :  8am - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday :  9 am - 6pm - 
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