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Not only do we supply and recommend eco-friendly hand soaps / shower products / cleaning products that have naturally low levels of phosphates and other chemicals that may affect the environment, but the water collection features various filters to remove both particulates and phosphates, to ensure that we're not introducing any unwanted nutrients into the ecosystem. Without making this paragraph any longer than it already is, we'll sum it up with a handy, if not very catchy slogan:


With regards to chlorine levels, these can also cause damage to the environment if too high. Fortunately the safe levels of chlorine to kill most pathogens are already present in tap-water, so our Shepherd Huts not only use water and no chemicals and are non-recirculating but they really are kinder to the environment 


100% virgin bamboo pulp.

New Brand!

Silky soft, pure and natural toilet tissue made from 100% sustainable bamboo. Be kind to your skin.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world!

Bamboo grows at incredible rates - making it one of the world`s most renewable plants. It grows 30 times faster than the humble tree and also produces 30% more oxygen, whilst absorbing 35% more carbon. This is one plant with plenty of environmentally friendly credentials.

Transforming bamboo surplus into beautiful toilet roll

Southeast Asia is home to vast mountains where bamboo grows wildly; before The Cheeky Panda came along, much of the harvested bamboo was wasted. Today however, they`re busy whipping up this wonderful bamboo into luxurious tissue.

They love the environment!

The Cheeky Panda love the environment, and if you haven`t guessed, they think pandas are pretty awesome too. They source their bamboo far away from panda habitats, and by using bamboo rather than trees, they also help to protect rainforests which are home to plenty of other wild animals too.

A lovely (and luxurious) product

Who says that sustainable, natural and responsibly sourced products can`t be luxurious? With some seriously dedicated toilet paper specialists and super stringent testing processes, The Cheeky Panda ensure that every single sheet of tissue paper they produce is beautifully soft, yet robustly strong.

Super kind to skin

Bamboo is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, odour resistant and hypo-allergenic - all of which means that skin, even the most sensitive kind, simply loves bamboo; and no nasty chemicals such as harsh de-inking agents or B.P.A are added. This toilet paper is so pure, it`s positively angelic.

About The Cheeky Panda

The Cheeky Panda actively seek out new ways of protecting the environment and not just through their eco friendly and sustainable products. They have recently partnered up with the World Land Trust on a carbon balancing project, enabling them to positively impact our living environment one step at a time.

Mrs . Meyer's products 

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products are powerful on dirt and grime, yet gentle enough to use on your hands and body. Each product is made with plant-derived ingredients and natural essential oils. Not only do these soaps smell like a garden, they are good for you, your home and the planet.


Artificial Colors Free


Product do not contain chemical plasticizers or harmful phthalates.

Plant Based

We are proud of the ingredients in our products and list them on every label, as well as share additional information below. Our products are specifically formulated to be safe for use in and around the home with family, children and pets. We work hard to ensure our products have the very best combination of ingredients—combinations that not only work hard on your daily dirt and grime, but that fill your home with garden-inspired scents.

We make intelligent, responsible raw material choices, and whenever possible, obtain materials from renewable plant resources such as coconut, corn, soy or olive. At times we choose not to use a plant-derived material for reasons of efficacy, consistency and safety.

Our products do not contain ammonia, chlorine, glycol solvents, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial colorants, phosphates or petroleum distillates.

We do not test our products on animals, nor are our products made with animal-derived ingredients.

Our packaging is recyclable and we use at least 25% post-consumer plastic in our bottles.

We manufacture according to exacting personal care standards in a cosmetic-grade cGMP facility. cGMP is an abbreviation for the term "current Good Manufacturing Practice," which refers to FDA regulations regarding the manufacturing, testing, and quality control of pharmaceutical and food products.

All suppliers of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day ingredients derived from Palm Oil are members of RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil). Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day supports sustainable practices of eco-sensitive areas throughout Asia, Africa and South America like the Brazilian rain forests.

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